Now Enrolling for Winter CSA program!

Our Winter CSA program is open for enrollment!  Our program will run from November 5th through April 1st except no pickups on 12/24, 12/31, 2/25, and 3/4.  Pickup locations are Saturday mornings at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market or Brines Farm farmhouse porch.  Our Winter CSA program has begun but you can still join, we simply prorate the original cost depending on the week you start e.g. new members starting November 12th would pay $644 or new members starting November 19th would pay $606. There is a small additional fee for using a credit card. Many shareholders split the cost of a full share by alternating weeks they pickup with another family/individual.

Full detail flyer, online signup form, and credit card payment link are all available on our website under the CSA tab.


Brines Farm has been growing and offering healthy plants and nutritious produce in nature’s image since 2004.  Brines Farm uses regenerative agriculture, agroecology and permaculture as our guiding principles.

No harsh chemical or synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used to produce this food. Brines Farm utilizes heirloom, open-pollinated, and regionally adapted seeds where possible, and all seeds are GMO-free.

More on our guiding principles: since terms and certifications get interpreted differently depending on the audience, we wanted to say more about the processes and outcomes we strive for on our farm. In terms of processes, some that we would highlight are that we aim to: use ecological or natural principles or systems; minimize external inputs (maximize on-farm inputs); incorporate perennials and trees; maximize crop plant diversity; restore natural habitats; minimize tillage to protect soil; focus on our local systems; and honor and respect the people involved with our systems. There are other processes of course on our farm including: use organic methods; use organic fertilizers; use no synthetic pesticides; and use no synthetic fertilizers. In terms of outcomes, some we would highlight are that we strive to: improve ecosystem health including ecosystem services; increase biodiversity; improve water health; improve soil health; increase carbon sequestration; increase crop health and resilience; improve human health in all forms; and improve food access and food security.

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