Thank you for your interest in Brines Farm

Brines Farm LLC is a diversified vegetable, fruit, and nut farm operation, and tree & shrub nursery, originally established in 2004.  All of our vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, nuts, and tree nursery items are authentically grown, through our Regenerative Agriculture approach grounded in the principles of agroecology, ecology, agroforestry, and permaculture.  Additionally, we are a State of Michigan licensed and inspected tree nursery grower.  We offer CSA options and year-round farmers market sales, plus seasonal off-farm/roadside stand sales.  We additionally sell trees/shrubs/berries, primarily focused on perennials (native to North America when possible) that can be used for edible landscaping or restorative/regenerative agriculture.  We steward over 90 acres across 2 sites in Webster Township, Washtenaw County, with frontage on Arms Creek, the healthiest tributary in the Huron River watershed.  75 of our acres were preserved in perpetuity (by the previous owners) with a conservation easement.  We currently have stalls 99 and 100 at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market where you can find us nearly every Saturday. We look forward to meeting you in person!

More on our guiding principles: since terms and certifications get interpreted differently depending on the audience, we wanted to say more about the processes and outcomes we strive for on our farm. In terms of processes, some that we would highlight are that we aim to: use ecological or natural principles or systems; minimize external inputs (maximize on-farm inputs); incorporate perennials and trees; maximize crop plant diversity; restore natural habitats; minimize tillage to protect soil; focus on our local systems; and honor and respect the people involved with our systems. There are other processes of course on our farm including things that would meet USDA Organic (although we are not third-party certified at this time) like to: use organic methods; use organic fertilizers; use no synthetic pesticides on crops; and use no synthetic fertilizers on crops. In terms of outcomes, some we would highlight are that we strive to: improve ecosystem health including ecosystem services; increase biodiversity; improve water health; improve soil health; increase carbon sequestration; increase crop health and resilience; improve human health in all forms; and improve food access and food security.

Shannon Brines is the Founding Farmer/Co-Owner/Land Steward of Brines Farm. Additionally he is Acting-Chair, Board member of the Washtenaw County Conservation District; the Treasurer of Slow Food Huron Valley; and a Lecturer & Research Specialist at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability.